WC Curling Club New Walsh County Curling

December 1950

Volunteer workman were putting the finishing touches on the new building being erected by the Walsh County Curling Club when this picture was taken for The Record by Gerald Freeland. Reading from left to right are:

Front row – Slim Thompson, Bert Riske, George Ellefson, Earl Anderson, Quinten Daley, Tommy Thompson and Jim Nicholson.

Standing – Roy Miller, Art Tallackson, Louis Almen, Melvin Lykken, Murray Swanson, Clifford Berg, Willard Monson, Jack Riske and Albert Iverson.

Harvey Tallackson



59 - 60  Champions


1970 mensArt Tallackson – Glen Gilleshammer – Ray Holt – Truman Thompson

1970 US Champions




1972 Mens Champions